Under Water Mix[Instrumental] / 歌手:宇多田光

You know what I mean
You could put a label on a life,
Put a label on a lifestyle
You know
Put a label on how you wake up every morning
And go to bed at night
Ive been diggin into crates ever since I was livin in space
Before the ratrace, before monkeys had human traits
I mastered numerology and bigbang theology
Performed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology
Invented the mic so I could start blessin it
Chincheckin kids to make my point like an impressionist
Many men have tried to shake us
But I twist mic cords in double helixes and show them what Im made of
I buckle knees like leg braces
Cast the spell of instrumental-ness and all of you emcees who hate us
So you can try on,
Leave you without a shoulder to cry on
From now to infinity let icons be bygones
I fire bomb ghostly notes haunt this
I tri

Under Water Mix[Instrumental]这首歌曲是由歌手宇多田光演唱的歌曲,歌曲总时长06分钟16秒,该歌曲收录在宇多田光于1999-11-10年发行的专辑《Addicted to you》之中,如果您觉得Under Water Mix[Instrumental]的歌词写的好的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同阅读Under Water Mix[Instrumental]的歌词,一起支持歌手宇多田光吧!